Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crowdsourcing Secrets

If you haven't taken a look at PostSecret, go. The project is billed as a community art project where people mail in their secrets on a postcard, hence the name PostSecret. The guy who started the project has put out two books full of secret postcards; the whole project is a beautiful representation of crowdsourcing. It's not the freshest news in the crowdsourcing world, but the site/blog is a good read.

In a similiar vein, Found magazine features items, notes, pictures, etc. that people have "found" and submitted to the ezine. I like the idea, but after looking at a few of the submissions, I found myself wondering how many of these "finds" were put together and scanned by a graphic artist. I found myself thinking, "fake," just as I do when I watch America's Funniest Home Videos....hey, why doesn't anyone ever give some props to AFHV as a pioneer of the crowdsourcing movement?

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